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Getting back in the groove

Ok everyone. I’ve moved and had other stuff going on, but now its time to get back to business.  My new idea is for a new update of some kind every thusday.  If I set a schedule for myself maybe I’ll do better about publishing.

The rules are in a final shakedown before they released in beta.

Thanks for your patience and look for some goodies tommorow.



Hello anyone still out there.  Just wanted to make sure that no one thinks I’ve forgotten this little project of mine.  I have a whole slew of tilesets that I need to sit down and publish. They are on the home PC so I will more then likely do it tonight.

I am still looking for people who are artistic, who want to be play testers, or just any one in general who wants to help.  Drop me an email

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Sorry for the lake of updates.  Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core was released and well… thats eaten all my time.  I need to get over the initial shock of the awesomeness and then I’ll get back to some regular updates.

Showing up on MSN and update

W0ohoo! I am showing up on MSN search… maybe after I get indexed by google and yahoo I will get some more traffic.

Still looking for people willing to help out with some art stuff and playtesters.

Also, I am still working on getting a very basic ruleset publish so anyone can give it a go.


All goods games need to have capture the flag multiplayer right?  Well I uploaded my flag tiles. 

Things seem to moving along pretty well.  I am still working on getting some kind of alpha rules.  I have most of them designed, its just getting them on paper in a way that others can understand them.

We reached a new site record yesterday with 18 visits that weren’t my own.. huzzah!

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Example tiles

I thought it would be a good idea to show what a tile would looks like. Of course it is subject to change but this is a little peek into my “vision.”

I’m sure others will be able to do better.

Tile template

Basic Grass Tile

EDIT: After taking some feedback, the template has been redesigned.  Also added the old tree tile.

X goes to Y

This is the home of the X goes to Y board game that I am in the process of creating. Go the about page to learn more about the game and its future.