X goes to Y is an open world board game.  Players will be able to create their own Scenario, characters, items and whatnot to customize each game to their own tastes.

While brainstorming my concept for the game, an idea came to mind to do something like Samurai’s go to the zoo, or Ninja’s go to school. I couldn’t decide on any one theme when it hit me.  Why not leave the X and Y of that title up to the players.

The board of the game will a tile based, similar to checkerboard. The scenario designer will place down be able to create the map as he see fit by using tiles that represent grass, rocks, roads, chairs, tables, etc.

About myself:

I am a 24 year old programmer, originally from the waste bin known as Oklahoma, who currently resides in Maryland.  I play Warhammer Fantasy Battles, a ton of PC games and Playstation 3 games.  PSN: Sigmar.

If you think this sounds interesting or if you want to help in the development of the game, please contact me at Sigmar.13@hotmail.com.  I am currently looking for artists because I have artistic ability of a 3 year old on a bad day.

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